Ty the tiler and how Vanarama helped his business

Sick and tired of driving an old unpredictable van, Ty Hunter was desperately in need of a brand-new vehicle – one which he could rely on to get him from job to job. Vanarama's Laura Day takes a closer look at Ty's story.

In a time of crisis, Ty turned to Vanarama, who promised to save him important time and money for the sake of his business – Abbey Tile & Stone.

Ty's wagon of choice

The Ford Transit is a popular choice for commercial van drivers, one that customers come back to time and time again – it really is a people pleaser.

A practical beast, the Transit had more than enough room to carry Ty and his heavy load.

Why was Vanarama the chosen one?

For Ty, it was essential to be behind the wheel of a brand-new vehicle pronto presto.

At Vanarama, we understand that time is money, and that many of our customers with business' that rely on a vehicle don't have time to be waiting around endlessly for a new van. And that's why we offered Ty the shortest delivery time, AND the best price.

Ty dealt with Vanarama's very own Mark, who was "genuinely exceptional", according to Ty. Being a leasing amateur himself, Ty wasn't sure that this was the right route for him, but Mark gave him the reassurance and confidence he needed to make an informed decision.

Day or night, Mark was there every step of the way. Not to mention the easy-peasy process of uploading documents straight to the website – saving Ty and his business time in the long run, with the aim of getting him in that van ASAP.

Ty's tile transformation

The tile industry was developing, and Ty needed to keep up the pace in order to contend with his competitors. This is where Vanarama comes in to the mix.

With larger tile sizes in high demand, Ty needed to buy bigger machines to compensate for this growth, meaning he needed a bigger van. Leasing with Vanarama meant that Ty was able to bag a rather roomy Transit van, and keep up with the growing tile trend.

Leasing a vehicle from Vanarama revolutionised Ty's business. With only a small deposit and affordable monthly payments, Ty was saving himself money, which he could feed straight back into Abbey Tile & Stone.

Happily ever after with Vanarama

And that's our main aim really, making a difference to the lives and businesses of our customers. If they're happy, we're happy – end of. You can watch Ty's story below:

If you have any questions about Vanarama and the deals that we offer, call us on 01442 838195.

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