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UK homes and businesses to get FASTER broadband

Published on Wednesday 20 December 2017 in Van News

UK homes and businesses to get FASTER broadband

Legal right to high-speed broadband in the UK...

In today's modern world of lightning-quick communication and social media, internet speeds are key for homes and business. And now we will have a legal right to DEMAND high-speed broadband from providers – that's good news for homes and business across the UK. Vanarama's Tom Roberts reports.

We all know it, we all need it, and we all love it. High-speed internet is a first consideration when you move house, move jobs, or choose new premises – and if you're paying for speed, you should get speed.

But until now, there's been no legal guarantee you will get high speeds…that's all about to change.


The government steps in

It's official. The UK government has said that UK homes and business will have the legal right to demand high-speed broadband by 2020. That's now set in stone.

The whole of the UK – thanks to the government – has been handed this guarantee as part of a wider promise that speeds of at least 10Mbps are to be accessible by everyone.


Consumer rights set in stone

This is the best bit…under the new plan, broadband providers will now face a legal requirement to provide high speeds to anyone who requests it.

This means that the 1.1m people not able to access speeds of only 10Mbps will soon have a legal right to be able to do so.

Your right will be as literal as this: you want fast broadband, you pick up the phone to a company and request it, and that company HAS to provide it. Talk about consumer empowerment, eh?


There's always a timetable

British Telecom – the company responsible for the UK's infrastructure – previously said that it would make improvements according to its own timetable…but has now agreed to fall in line with the governments decision on the matter. A victory for all!


So, what do you think about broadband speeds? And what do you think about the government promising you legal right to high-speed internet? Tell us about it in the comments below.