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Lockdown 2021 Restrictions: What Work Can Tradespeople Do?

Published on Wednesday 06 January 2021 in Van News

Lockdown 2021 Restrictions: What Work Can Tradespeople Do?

Following the announcement of the third nationwide COVID-19 lockdown - running from Tuesday 5th January 2021 until at least the middle of February 2021, the Government has announced that tradespeople can continue to work in people's homes. To help you understand the guidance more clearly, Vanarama has put it all together.


What Work Has The UK Government Confirmed Tradespeople Can Do?

Unlike the first UK lockdown in March 2020 - but similar to the second lockdown in November 2020 (see section at the end of this article) - the UK Government has said that tradespeople can carry on working in people's homes throughout this latest national lockdown.

Every task, from cleaning services to home improvements & construction can continue to be carried out - providing homeowners & tradespeople adhere to social distancing rules & lockdown restrictions.

You can read the full list of Government advice on working in people's homes here.


How Can A Tradesperson Protect Themselves & Others While Working In A Home?

Some practical ways to stay safe while working in someone's home are listed here:

  • Adhere to social distancing regulations. NHS guidance recommends staying 2 metres (6 feet) away from any other people in the house you are working in. A crucial piece of advice is to ask the homeowners to stay away from the work area, if possible.

  • Find out if any members of the household are classed as "clinically vulnerable" & avoid all contact (especially face-to-face contact) with them.

  • If any members of your household are displaying symptoms of Coronavirus, you must not start work in another home.

  • Bring & wear protective products with you - masks, tissues, anti-bacterial wipes & refuse bags to dispose of your own waste off-site.

  • Use your own drinking & eating utensils, & take them home with you at the end of each day.

  • Keep physical contact with your customers to a minimum. E.g. avoid handshakes.

  • Find out where you can wash your hands as soon as you enter a home - that way you can stay hygienic at all times.

  • Keep windows & doors open if possible – this allows clean air to circulate throughout the home & work area.

  • Crucially, if for any reason social distancing guidelines cannot be followed, you must establish whether the work you are carrying out can continue.


What Should A Tradesperson Do When Work Is Completed In A Home?

When work is completed, a tradesperson should do the following: Clean away all debris, materials & tools to ensure the work area is safe to enter.Disinfect door handles & surfaces they have been in contact with during their time in the home. Contact the homeowner in the following weeks to find out if the occupants or anyone they've been in contact with have developed any Coronavirus symptoms.


Where Can I Find A Full List Of New Covid-19 Restrictions For Working In People's Homes?

The full list of new Covid-19 restrictions for working in homes can be found on the Government website here.


The following information was part of a previous article published on the Vanarama website in November 2020 - this information is now out of date.


What Were The November 2020 Lockdown Restrictions?

England: The current lockdown period runs from Thursday 5th November until Wednesday 3rd December & tradespeople are allowed to work in people's homes. However, work can only take place in a home that isn't showing signs of Coronavirus infection, & if the tradespeople & homeowners stay 2 metres (6 feet) apart. No work should be carried out in a home that is isolating or shielding someone - unless the work is to fix something safety-related, e.g. plumbing, heating or emergency repairs.

Scotland: Similar to England, tradespeople can continue to work in homes that aren't showing signs of Coronavirus infection or shielding someone, & tradespeople & homeowners must stay 2 metres apart. No work should be carried out in a home that is isolating - unless the work is to fix something safety-related, e.g. plumbing, heating or emergency repairs.

Wales: A lockdown has been in effect in Wales since the 23rd of October. At present, tradespeople are only allowed to work inside other people's homes if that work is urgent or to repair something that is a direct risk to the safety of the home's occupants. Any work that was started & left unfinished before the 23rd of October must not be completed after this date - unless that work is urgent or is unsafe to leave uncompleted. A tradesperson can, under those circumstances, re-enter a home to make sure the work area is safe & collect their own tools or materials.

Northern Ireland: The Northern-Irish Government put further restrictions in place on Friday 16th October 2020 that said households are no longer allowed to mix indoors. However, tradespeople can enter a person's home to carry out repairs, installations & make deliveries if required.