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Nissan offers competitive and desirable models across the entire marketplace, often innovating new designs and engineering to lead the field.

The entry-level Micra is a quintessential supermini, while the slightly larger Note is its MPV equivalent, with a large interior and a great level of standard equipment. The Pulsar is a mid-sized family hatchback that offers refined comfort and an economical drive.

Nissan arguably single-handedly invented the crossover SUV market with the pioneering Qashqai. Now in its second generation, it’s still the class leader on almost all fronts. Applying the same logic and success, the Nissan Juke is a uniquely styled supermini crossover with 4x4 options. For a larger, more serious off-road SUV, take a look at the seven-seater X-Trail.

Those seeking a more environmentally friendly drive should definitely consider the Nissan Leaf, the highest selling electric car in the UK. On the other end of the spectrum, the incredibly powerful GT-R gives supercars a run for their money with both its superb handling and outstanding design.

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