The REAL cost of losing your van…

Ever had your van and tools stolen? When your van and tools are stolen, it can hit your business hard. It's something we all dread happening, but if the worst DOES happen, you want to know you've got some form of backup. Vanarama's Laura Day reports.

The loss of a vehicle and its contents can bring business right to a halt. Not only can it affect current business, it can damage the reputation and drive away future business as well.

Long story short, the true impact of a vehicle's downtime is often underestimated. So, let's have a look at the real impact and costs involved in losing your van and tools.

Calculating the costs…

Vehicle downtime

Finding the money to replace a vehicle can be difficult, especially for smaller businesses who rely heavily on one vehicle to get them from job to job.

Vehicle downtime and replacement costs can be significant. It's not just the price of a new van to take into the consideration, but also the potential loss of goods inside and how this affects business in the long run.

Impact on productivity

When company vehicles are off the road, businesses can typically lose up to £500 a day, according to the RAC.

The problem is, business productivity is often dictated by targets and deadlines. So, if your vehicle gets stolen, you will struggle to meet these set deadlines and ensure on-time delivery of products or services.

Customers rely on regular and timely delivery. Failure to deliver this can have a real knock-on effect on the line of production, meaning you could damage your customer relationships.

Loss of business

This is the BIG one, because your business is the real money-maker, and without your van and tools, what are you left with?

Very little – that's what.

What can Vanarama Insurance do to help YOU?

You can't put a price on the value of your business and its reputation – it's taken years of hard work and dedication to get you to where you are today. But if disaster does strike, with our tools in transit insurance policy, this should help to soften the blow.

For £75 a year, (whether you are or are NOT a Vanarama Customer) we can provide you with £3,000 worth of tools insurance – that's just £6 per month!

When you look at the bigger picture, this seems a small price to pay for peace of mind – so if your tools are lost, stolen or damaged, you're covered.

Time is money

People often miscalculate the true cost of losing a van. It's not just the cost of the van, it's everything that comes with it – the van, the tools, the business, the reputation. But, most importantly it's costing you TIME that you probably don't have!

That's why our tools in transit insurance policy offer that little bit of extra security if the worst happens.

They say you can't put a price on peace of mind, but for just £6 a month – I'd say this is a pretty reasonable price!

Have you got any horror stories about a time that your van and tools were stolen, leaving you with absolutely NOTHING?! We would love to hear them, so let us know in the comments below. For more information about our tools in transit insurance policy call us on 01442 838197 – we are always happy to help.

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