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The 10 Best Motorway Cars

 the 10 best motorway cars

Slogging up and down motorways is hardly the most fun when it comes to driving in the modern era, but regrettably it’s the kind of mind-numbing, commuting trudge that we have to endure most often – especially if you want to get to places a bit further away that touch quicker. Here, then, are our 10 favourite cars for easing away the many motorway miles. We’ve picked examples of different size and body-type vehicles, as well as a mix of standard internal combustion models, hybrids and full electric cars.


P = Petrol

D = Diesel

MHEV = Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle: only uses very moderate electrical assistance to save fuel. Can be petrol - or diesel-powered.

HEV = Hybrid Electric Vehicle: no plug-in recharging capabilities but has enough electrical power to drive on electric energy only for very short periods of time. Normally petrol-powered.

PHEV = Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle: has a much larger battery than a HEV and can travel further, typically around 30 miles, on electric power only as a result. Can also be plugged in to recharge the battery. Normally petrol-powered, but Mercedes does diesel PHEVs too.

EV = Electric Vehicle: has no internal combustion engine onboard whatsoever and can only be recharged by plugging into mains electric.

Hyundai i10


Class And Body Type: A-segment, city car hatchback | Drivetrain Choices: P | Leasing Costs From: c.£168pcm

If you’re on a budget and you have to have a small city car with a conventional engine, you won’t beat the Hyundai i10 for motorway manners. The Korean company has majored on making this as comfortable and as steadfast as it can at higher speeds, and it has succeeded at its task too, while every model in the range comes with cruise control as standard.

Fiat 500 Electric

Fiatnew500012 blog

Class And Body Type: A-segment, city car hatchback or convertible | Drivetrain Choices: EV | Leasing Costs From: c.£221pcm

The all-new Fiat 500 Electric is more expensive to lease than the Hyundai, but it’s surprisingly adept on a motorway and is the 1st car on our list which is an EV – with no engine thrashing about up front, these vehicles are quieter and more refined when doing 70mph. It has a good adaptive safety kit across the board, but cruise control comes in at the 2nd Passion trim, although fancy adaptive radar cruise is an option. Pick the larger 87kWh battery model for a 199-mile range.

Toyota Corolla


Class And Body Type: C-segment, hatchback, saloon or estate | Drivetrain Choices: HEV | Leasing Costs From: c.£444pcm

Apart from being a touch expensive to lease, the Toyota Corolla has much to recommend it. The larger 2.0-litre petrol-electric HEV drivetrain is preferable to the 1.8 for motorway users, but either version represents a reliable, economical and thoroughly likeable mid-sized hatchback (or Touring Sports estate if you prefer). Even better, basic Icon versions have adaptive cruise control as standard.

Ford Kuga


Class And Body Type: C-segment, crossover-SUV | Drivetrain Choices: P, D, MHEV, PHEV | Leasing Costs From: c.£220pcm

Ford’s Kuga is much-improved in its 3rd-generation format and while there are standard petrol and diesel models which are very cheap to lease, an MHEV diesel and even a full plug-in hybrid petrol-electric are also offered. We think the PHEV’s the one to go for, because it’s really civilised and pleasant company on a long motorway journey – and mid-sized SUVs are always useful things, too.

Volkswagen ID.4

05. hmc-motorway-cars-volkswagen-id4

Class And Body Type: C-segment, crossover-SUV | Drivetrain Choices: EV | Leasing Costs From: c.£307pcm

Should you want your SUV in pure-electric flavour, then the Volkswagen ID.4 can provide. Again, its strength is its quietness, brought about by the lack of a petrol or diesel engine onboard, while the larger 77kWh battery will take you up to 310 miles on a single charge. All ID.4 models come with adaptive cruise control with a speed limiter as standard.

Vauxhall Insignia


Class And Body Type: D-segment, large hatchback | Drivetrain Choices: P, D | Leasing Costs From: c.£297pcm

The Vauxhall Insignia is a classic motorway car – long wheelbase, emphasis on comfort and discretion. With Vauxhall’s brilliant FlexRide adaptive dampers fitted and put into their softest setting, few rivals can match the Insignia’s impeccable motorway manners. There are no hybrid drivetrain choices for the Vauxhall, but its smooth and efficient petrol and diesel units do a fine job nonetheless.

Skoda Superb

07. hmc-motorway-cars-skoda-superb

Class And Body Type: D-segment, large hatchback or estate | Drivetrain Choices: P, D, PHEV | Leasing Costs From: c.£242pcm

What the Skoda Superb does so well is to offer E-segment interior space and refinement for D-segment costs. The Superb is, well, superb – massive and well-appointed cabin, lovely smooth drivetrains and epic capabilities at motorway speeds. Fitted with DCC adaptive dampers, the ride quality is exceptional and there’s even a PHEV ‘iV’ model if you want some all-electric peace and quiet on the move.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Boot-space-eclass (1)

Class And Body Type: E-segment, mid-sized executive saloon, estate, coupe or convertible | Drivetrain Choices: D, MHEV, PHEV | Leasing Costs From: c.£472pcm

Among its Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series rivals, the Mercedes E-Class is the one which focuses most on refinement overall. With a smashing, technologically advanced interior and some deeply assured drivetrains, there’s bound to be an E-Class to suit all tastes when it comes to motorway driving. Every petrol engine sold in the range is an MHEV and Mercedes also offers not 1 but 2 PHEVs, with either petrol or diesel main power.

Audi A8

09. hmc-motorway-cars-audi-a8

Class And Body Type: F-segment, large executive saloon | Drivetrain Choices: MHEV, PHEV | Leasing Costs From: c.£641pcm

Luxury limos are clearly the best type of machines for motorway work, money no object, and few are better than the Audi A8. Every powerful petrol and diesel drivetrain provided is an MHEV, while a petrol-electric PHEV really offers the best potential fuel economy, 29 miles of zero-emission driving and suitably low benefit-in-kind tax. Furthermore, every A8 gets 22-way electrically adjustable seats, full air suspension and radar cruise control too, so you’re bound to be comfy on a long motorway drive.

Porsche Taycan


Class And Body Type: E-segment, mid-sized executive saloon or crossover-estate | Drivetrain Choices: EV | Leasing Costs From: c.£774pcm

There can be few finer motorway cars than this one. The Porsche Taycan comes in 4 different saloon variants and even a lifestyle estate model called the Cross Turismo, with every version officially capable of more than 250 miles on a single charge. But with optional acoustic glass and radar cruise, plus the adaptive air suspension of the 4S models upwards, travelling at 70mph on the motorway has rarely been as relaxing and quiet as it is in the all-electric Taycan.

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